Replacing windows improves energy efficiency and can also update the look of your home.

Monk’s Design Studio sells windows for both replacement, as well as new construction. First, an Estimator will come to your home to take measurements. If you know exactly what you want we can order windows for you immediately.  If you’re not sure what option is best, meet with one of our window specialists.  He will discuss with you your style preferences and budget and make a recommendation on what make sense for your home.

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windows replacement

Replacement vs New Construction Windows

Window Replacement is just how it sounds. We pop out the old sashes and replace them with a pocket replacement window built to fit within your existing window frame. Windows are most commonly replaced to improve energy efficiency like upgrading from old single-pane to double-pane glass, for example.

New construction windows requires the removal of the exterior and interior trim around the window in order to expose the studs of the home. It is a more involved process for your contractor to ensure the exact match of exterior materials. New construction windows are a good option if you think the studs and frame of the window should be replaced because of damage, or if you are planning on replacing the exterior of your home such as new siding or exterior window trim.

Replacement or Retrofit Windows

  • Installation is fairly quick
  • Less expensive – labor and required materials are not as much
  • Still can upgrade the quality and energy efficiency

New Construction Windows

  • Allows for different sized windows
  • Allows for different window placements (like the image below)
  • Allows for improved insulation where needed


 New windows for more light in the living room

New windows installed by Monk's Home Improvements


Leaky windows and doors account for up to 25 percent of the average household’s energy bills*. Our northern New Jersey climate with extreme winter and summer temperatures is an area where you can really save money on energy costs by installing modern energy-efficient windows.

More information on the window brands we sell and and install are featured on our website, or can be discussed during your free estimate.

You can also research the different types of windows you want to replace or add to your home.

Overwhelmed and just want someone to narrow down the options? Call 973-975-0044 to schedule an appointment to have our window specialists discuss your style preferences and budget requirements.

* US Department of Energy