Monk's Designers and Sales Specialists

At the Monk’s Design Studio, you’ll find a team of Designers and Window & Door Specialists who are passionate about what they do.

Our in-house remodeling specialists sell multiple brands of cabinetry, countertops, tile, windows, doors, floors and more. Since we aren’t tied to one brand or manufacturer, our interest lies in finding the products and styles that suit our customers best. We pride ourselves in understanding the latest trends and materials. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of different materials and what may work best for your needs.

Whether replacing windows or doors, or remodeling a kitchen or bath, changes to your home are personal. Our Designers listen to your lifestyle needs and style preferences. We understand that getting the details right makes all the difference. Their experience and creativity will bring your vision to life.

  • Jason Tucker
    Jason Tucker - Window & Door Specialist
  • Charlene Nevarez
    Charlene Nevarez - Designer
  • Marlene Wangenheim
    Marlene Wangenheim - Designer
  • Marien Ronan - Designer
    Marien Ronan - Designer
  • Nicole Thomas
    Nicole Thomas - Assistant Designer
  • Peter Sicoli, Director
    Peter Sicoli - Director, Window & Door
  • Cindy Gilmore - Designer
    Cindy Gilmore - Designer
  • Jennifer Calavano, Designer
    Jennifer Calavano - Designer
  • Brittney Esposito
    Brittney Esposito - Assistant Designer
  • Cortney Tripodi, Designer
    Cortney Tripodi - Designer
  • Alex Altieri
    Alex Altieri - Window and Door Specialist

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The Design Studio is open Tuesday – Saturday. While you are welcome to pop in anytime during open hours, we strongly encourage making an appointment. An appointment guarantees a Designer’s undivided attention for an hour and a half. Please call 973-975-0044 to schedule a free consultation.