Say good-bye to mildewy shower curtains forever. Install a beautiful glass shower door! It will make your bathroom feel larger and more open, and also show off your shower tile.

Semi-Frameless Shower Door
Semi-Frameless By-Pass Shower Doors

If your hall bathroom has a shower over tub like many homes, consider a semi-frameless by-pass door. This example is affordable, easy to clean and water-tight. This is a nice upgrade that can be done on its own, or in combination with new tile or other cosmetic changes.

Generally, framed doors are the most affordable. Semi-frameless shower doors are mid-range, while frameless shower doors are more expensive.

Our shower doors are supplied by Glasscrafters. You can see examples of all the options on their website.

Acero Frameless By-Pass Shower Door
Acero Frameless By-Pass Shower Door
Frameless By-Pass Shower Door
Matrix Frameless By-Pass Shower Doors

To schedule an appointment with a Bathroom Designer, please call Monk’s at 973-975-0044. Making an appointment books time with a Designer. You will receive undivided attention while you are in the Showroom.

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If you are adding a new bathroom or doing a full bathroom remodel, there are many options to consider. Frameless, semi-frameless or framed? By-pass or hinged? Our Bathroom Designers will walk you through all of your options. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each style and what fits your budget.

Frameless Hinged Shower Door
Frameless Hinged Shower Door in Monk’s Morristown Showroom

Semi-Frameless Hinged Shower Door
Semi-Frameless Hinged Shower Door